Friday, 11 October 2013

DEWALT DW4055 Sanding Frame and Stand review and discount

DEWALT DW4055 Sanding Frame and Stand

DEWALT DW4055 Sanding Frame and Stand description

For use with DeWalt's DW432 and DW433 belt sanders, the DW4055 combination sanding frame and inversion stand provides a solid base for a variety shop tasks. At the heart of this sanding stand is a phenolic base that provides incredible stability allowing smooth movements for better sanding over even large surfaces. And when you want to create a horizontal or vertical stationary sanding center in your shop, two legs and a 45-degree fence make it easy. Simply use these components to transform the frame into an inversion stand that holds your sander securely in place for ease of use. The consistency ensured by this system is sure to help you create more precise finished products without straining your body. Further contributing to the convenience of the set-up are machined holes in the legs for solid bench mounting, a quick attach clip system, and a large, easy to handle knob for depth adjustment.
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DEWALT DW4055 Sanding Frame and Stand features

  • Legs on have machined holes for bench mounting
  • Quick attach clip system
  • Large Depth Adjustment Knob
  • Maximum versatility in the shop
  • Includes sanding frame, two legs, hardware

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